FracGeo launches FracPredictor, a Geoscience-Driven & Engineering-Focused Software for Shale 2.0

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FracGeo announces the launch of FracPredictor™, a Geoscience-Driven & Engineering-Focused Software Suite for unconventional and tight reservoir players.

FracPredictor™ is an integrated platform that uniquely models the spatially varying geological and geomechanical reservoir properties of an asset to identify sweet spots, optimize landing zones and then quantitatively drive the operational frac and field development design changes needed to improve completion, well and pad performance and resulting ROR.

The heart of FracPredictor™ is a new Fracture Geomechanical Simulator which uses fast computational tools that break down the geoscience and completion engineering silos by integrating the discipline specific workflows in an innovative way. The workflow translates an assets 3D seismic and well log driven earth model into spatially varying stress gradients which enable engineers to model the reservoir strain or stimulated reservoir volume (SRV) created through the hydraulic fracturing process. Fracture stimulation models now allow the completion engineer to quantitatively adapt the hydraulic fracture treatment parameters of each stage or cluster based on the modeled reservoir heterogeneity while also enabling the reservoir engineer to optimize well and pad spacing by simulating the asymmetric stimulated permeability created by the fracing process.

Peter O’Conor, VP of Sales and Marketing says that FracGeo, “is driven by its engineering-centric solutions because today’s operators are expressing the crucial need for fast and reliable quantitative tools that impact their operational planning decisions such as frac design optimization that can reduce financial losses due to ineffective frac stages and inefficient field development strategies. Improving the completions and well performance of unconventional wells has so far been achieved through expensive trial and error field experimentation, which has not been optimized for the heterogeneity along a borehole or between wells.FracPredictor™ is a software that is not just nice to have but is quickly becoming critical to the financial health of our clients and our industry.”

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