UK shale may be a game-changer but production is still some way off

In this month’s issue we are talking to Chris Hughes, the Commercial Director at NuTech, petrophysical analysis and reservoir intelligence experts, about using legacy data to understand unexplored shale reservoirs and the future of shale exploration in the United Kingdom.

Could you quickly explain to our readers what is it that NuTech does?

NuTech is a consultancy specialising in the technical support of oil companies, contractors and governments around the world, helping them to understand the potential that they have for realising hydrocarbon exploration and production assets. Those could be “conventional” such as the Gulf of Mexico or North Sea type plays; onshore and offshore, or “unconventional”; such as the newly emerging shale plays and tight formation oil and gas reservoirs.

What is the Reservoir Intelligence process? Is it something that takes place before production commences or is it an ongoing process?

It’s a “life-cycle” approach taking place before, during, and after production commences. We term these three life-cycle phases of exploration and production: green field, gold field, and brown field operations.

Green field operations are the new exploration plays, where we help companies understand where to drill and how best to go about that process. We’ve been responsible for the discovery and enhancement of understanding in all of the main shale plays around the world, particularly in the U.S., ever since attention was turned to it by Mitchell Energy in the late 1990s.

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