New product to solve lubricity and shale inhibition and stabilization challenges

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Houston-based ProOne Holdings, Inc., a developer of high-performance, cost-effective lubricants and fuel products for the oil and gas industry and commercial and industrial customers, has announced the release of Black Diamond Drill Fluid Conditioner – a product that combines ProOne’s exclusive XPL+® lubrication with technology that coats open holes with a thin, tough wallcake to prevent seepage and circulation loss.

BLACK DIAMOND Drill Fluid Conditioner is a 2-in-1 product that essentially replaces or reduces the need for High-Pressure Lubricants, Shale Inhibitors, Shale Stabilizers, Wallcake Enhancers, HPHT Fluid Loss Control additives, and Asphalts, all of which are widely used in drilling.

“We are continuing to expand ProOne’s product line with innovative and effective technology for the oil industry,” said Elton Alderman, CEO of ProOne, adding “The technologies we offer our customers help solve drilling problems in the most cost-effective environmentally friendly way possible.”

In both laboratory and field testing, BLACK DIAMOND has proven to be highly effective. The product was successfully used in a recently completed well in the Permian Basin and demonstrated outstanding performance even when used at low levels.

Additionally, BLACK DIAMOND is plant-based and environmentally friendly, allowing operators to switch from oil-based muds to less expensive water-based muds. The product is available nationally through leading oilfield supply and oil service companies listed on ProOne’s website.

Other products in the ProOne line include biodegradable downhole drilling fluid treatments and lubricants, greases, cutting oils, spray lubricants, engine, transmission & hydraulic treatments, and fuel additives that have been tested and certified by leading testing laboratories and proven in the real world.

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