Shale oil firms fare well in Platts Global Energy Company Rankings

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According to the Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings® , which were announced Tuesday night, shale oil retained centre stage, helping to usher 113 Americas companies (89 U.S. and 14 Canada) into this year’s Top 250 with an average ranking of 119.  This is up from 103 companies with an average rank of 126 in 2014 but still below the 2003 peak of 149 companies.

The Rankings, now in their 14th year, were unveiled to more than 300 energy executives at an annual dinner in Singapore, hosted by Platts, a leading global energy and commodities information provider.

Despite being in its fifth year and in a much lower price environment, the shale oil revolution in some places of the U.S. has barely begun. Basins such as the Permian in West Texas and Mexico are reportedly becoming more productive, and producers continue to knock down the cost of production, requiring fewer rigs to continue high oil output.

Dominating the worlds’ Top 10 and Top 50 Fastest Growing energy company rosters are the Americas’ tight and shale oil producers, as well as mid-stream and refining companies that are carrying and processing their increasing production volumes.

Even gas utilities like AGL Resources Inc. have ridden the wave of booming shale gas volumes moving to end customers through its increased transport/pipeline assets.  While overall corporate growth rates for energy companies slowed from 10.0% to 7.3% on a 3-year CGR basis, the Americas energy companies (many of which are companies directly or indirectly benefiting from shale) shown in the Fastest Growing list, collectively enjoyed a combined 56% CGR, up from 46.8% the prior year.

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