Iran’s Siraf Refinery Project: The World’s Largest Gas Refinery Complex

Condensate and Naphtha Forum LOGO
Condensate and Naphtha Forum LOGO

The 2015 Condensate & Naphtha Forum, to be held in Singapore from 12-13 November 2015, will be highlighting Iran’s condensate outlook, featuring key and previously not available data, project information and future plans of leading Iranian condensate players. There are critical changes in the Iran condensate scene with the path-breaking Siraf Refinery Project slated to be the world’s largest gas refinery complex, with half a million b/d of condensate production targeted. This is expected to change global naphtha and condensate balances. Iran is also expected to become a huge supplier of naphtha which is of keen interest to Asian buyers.

Iran’s Siraf Refineries Infrastructure Company’s CEO & Deputy Chairman Mr. Alireza Sadeghabadi, will provide a Keynote Address on the workings and impact of the Siraf Refinery Project on global condensate and naphtha markets. The Siraf Refinery Project encompasses eight (8) gas condensate refineries located in the Siraf Refining Park, between Phases 11 & 13 of the South Pars project. Two other Iranian speakers, Dr. Hamid Akbary, Phase 12 Project Director of the South Pars Gas Field Development, Petropars Ltd, and Ms Parinaz Tahbaz, Business Development Director/Member of the Board of Namvaran Consulting Engineers; Managers, will be providing insights on the South Pars condensate, Iranian petrochemical industry outlook and investment in the Siraf condensate refinery.
Siraf Refineries Infrastructure Company is also a Platinum Sponsor for the Forum, in keeping with the strong Iranian focus of the Forum.
Critical condensate related issues including the impact of low oil prices on top condensate producers, US condensate demand and naphtha export potential, and the resulting market dynamics in Asia, the Middle East and the European countries, will also likely dominate discussions when the global “who’s who” of the business gather at the Condensate & Naphtha Forum.

The Forum will also be hosting an Iranian Roundtable featuring the eight investors of the Siraf Refinery Park and will provide firsts for the following information:

  • Ownership and operational structure of the Siraf Refinery Park will be unveiled with details of current production of 480 kb/d and the timeline for future potential production
  • Details of potential availability of up to 300 kb/d of naphtha from planned splitters will be outlined
  • Plans and future activities of the consortium will be presented, including conversion of naphtha to high quality gasoline and petrochemical ambitions of private sector players in Iran.

The 2015 event marks the Forum’s 19th anniversary and the return to Singapore after six (6) years. The Forum has been held in Asia & the Middle East over the last 18 years, with Doha being the immediate past venue of the Forum in 2014.
With a distinguished panel of speakers, including condensate experts, leading producers, oil majors, leading traders, consultants and refiners, the Forum will also provide continuing updates on the trends and movements of the condensate and naphtha markets. Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman of FGE and Mr. Colin Shelley, Managing Consultant of FGE, will co-chair the Forum and provide overviews setting the scene for the Forum. Phillips 66’s Mr. Jim Webster, Indian Oil Corporation’s Mr. Siddharta Mitra, and JX Nippon’s Mr. Masanobu Hamada are amongst the international speakers who will address key condensate issues and provide insights into the global condensate markets, impacted by low oil prices, easing Iran sanctions and rising US condensate exports.
Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, the conference co-chairman remarked, “Condensate markets face the most challenging environment. Large new supplies are emerging from Iran and Australia, but sanctions on Iran have not allowed smooth marketing of Iranian condensate. More than 80% of Iran’s floating storage is made up of new condensate production. Meanwhile US condensate exports are “almost” open, but most of the streams do not match Asian quality requirements and need naphtha blending. With the removal of the sanctions and new condensate production from Iran, the challenge is to understand the condensate flows and what will be available for export and when? How will the market balance out? These are key topics to be addressed at the Condensate & Naphtha Forum this year.
The Forum continues to draw the elite of the global condensate and naphtha markets for knowledge sharing and networking. Last year’s forum in Doha showed a record attendance of nearly 300 delegates from 25 countries.
Since its launch, the Condensate & Naphtha Forum has enjoyed the patronage of national oil companies in gas producing regions including Emirates National Oil Company, Petronas, PTT Public Company Ltd, Pertamina, Qatar Petroleum, SKK Migas, and Tasweeq. Over its history, from its 1996-2014 time frame, the Forum has attracted an international audience from 110 cities and 45 countries.

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