A forum for innovative Oil & Gas exploration and production leaders in Africa

Africa 2016 Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference

5th Oil & Gas Africa Exhibition & Conference
10-12 June 2016 | The Dome | Nairobi, Kenya
2nd Oil & Gas Africa Exhibition & Conference
07-09 July 2016 | MCC | Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania


Oil & Gas Africa – Exhibition and Conference will bring together leading Oil and Gas industry players from across the globe to confront and overcome current industry issues. This premier event will explore critical topics and trends, including, but not limited to, exploration technologies, reservoir characterization, production optimization, deepwater drilling, heavy oil, enhanced oil recovery, cost containment, acquiring skilled workers and health, safety and environmental risks. A seminar on opportunities and new technologies in the industry will be another significant highlight of the event.

Oil & Gas Africa – Exhibition and Conference will enable attending executives to network with peers and learn from each other’s experiences through engaging educational sessions conducted in a comfortable, yet focused business environment. The event agenda offers opportunities for critical exchanges through visionary Keynote Presentations, Executive Think Tanks, Thought Leadership workshops & seminars. Attendees will meet one-on-one with solution providers throughout the event to learn about critical products and services capable of solving organizational challenges.

The global Oil and Gas industry is currently experiencing an influx of investment opportunities. A perpetually increasing energy demand, fluctuating prices, rapidly depleting natural resources, and social and environmental concerns only tap the surface. The global economic fallout are impacting Oil and Gas organizations worldwide, causing investors to look to emerging markets for opportunities in the coming years. As one of the most resource-rich destinations globally, Africa has come under the spotlight.

The potential is evident, but today’s leading oil and gas executives in Africa must stay on top of emerging challenges and opportunities to remain competitive in the surging industry.

A few of this year’s agenda topics:

  • Outlining why Kenya & Tanzania are the investment opportunity of choice in East Africa
  • Providing Government priorities relating to the Oil & Gas industry to provide insight into opportunities available in the future
  • Defining the crucial steps & role of the Oil & Gas sector to ensure the efficient development of East Africa
  • Overcoming Challenges & Supporting the Growth of Independent, Indigenous Producers & Service Providers
  • Wireless Technology and Opportunities in the Digital Oilfield
  • Africa’s Oil Boom: Investment Opportunities in East Africa’s Emerging Oil & Gas Markets

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get African Oil and Gas industry issues out on the table, make your voice be heard and collaborate with peers on real solutions for your organization.

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