Fracking in Wales could create only 240 jobs – Friends of the Earth claim

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Fracking in Wales could threaten far more jobs than it’s likely to create, new analysis of a recent UK Government report has revealed.

Study of the Government report by environment charity Friends of the Earth Cymru has shown that, at its peak, a shale gas industry is likely to create just 240 jobs for the people of Wales, mostly in low-skilled, low-paying employment. Even this peak period of maximum employment will only last four years, after which employment will rapidly decline.

The UK and Welsh Governments have also admitted there has been no assessment of the impact fracking could have on employment in other sectors, such as renewable energy, agriculture and tourism, despite concerns raised by unions and industry representatives. More than 100,000 people are currently employed in these sectors in Wales.

Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, Gareth Clubb said:

“We’ve been told that fracking could be a massive boost to employment and bring much-needed jobs. But beneath the hype, the hard truth is that even a full expansion of the fracking industry would mean an employment peak of just four years, and only around 200 low-paying jobs for the people of Wales.

“Does the Welsh Government really want to back this risk-ridden, environmentally damaging and unpopular industry for the sake of a few hundred jobs? Unions and industry representatives from renewable energy, agriculture and tourism are already concerned that fracking in Wales could destroy far more jobs than it’s likely to create.

“Fracking is terrible news for climate change and the environment, and it’s not welcomed by communities. And even fracking companies admit it won’t lower fuel bills. We’re asking the First Minister to call a moratorium on fracking. The Welsh Government has full control over planning, so they could put a stop to it in an instant.”

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