GN announces new mud tank design for drilling rig solids control system

View of the land rig across the sump pit
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GN Solids Control new mud tank is designed for the drilling rig including the construction of the mud tanks and new model of solids control equipment.

The mud tank is to store the drilling mud for circulation, and the solids control equipment is for cleaning the drilling solids, mixing drilling mud, or agitating the drilling mud.

Mud Tanks Construction Design:

The construction design of the mud tanks is very important to make it fit for the drilling rig mud circulation and also to be easily operated and running longer time in the oilfield.

Mud Tank Walls Design:

The walls of each of the mud tanks (including partition walls) are to be constructed with 6 or 8mm crimped plates. Mud Tank bottoms, to be constructed with 8 mm thick plain plates, should be sloped gradually to a five degree towards the drilling mud tank cleaning doors to facilitate the mud cleaning process.

Drilling mud tank Skid Design:

The mud tanks normally are mounted on three runner oilfield type skids fabricated from 300 mm H beams reinforced with suitable channels and angles. The ends of the skid normally project out from the tank by 300mm and curve upwards. 150 NB X Sch 80 pipe with provision for lifting are reinforced at the end of the mud tank skids for tail boarding.

Drilling mud Tank Doors Design:

The clean out gates are provided at the rear of each reserve, suction and intermediate mud tanks compartment and clean out gates are also provided in the shale shaker tanks. These clean out gates are provided with 10” butterfly valves having firm support to withstand transport and handling abuses.

Mud tank types in the Solids Control system:

  • No. 1 Mud tank is normally the Shale Shaker tank ( Sometimes there is an extra small tank which called trip tank will the No. 1 tank)
  • No. 2 Mud tank is the active mud tank.
  • No. 3 Normally is the mud suction tank for the suction of mud pumps.
  • No. 4 Mud tank is the mud mixing tank

After mud mixing tank, there are some more storage tank depends on the drilling rig sizes.

Selection of Solids Control Equipment for the mud tank:

The selection of the solids control equipment for the mud tank is also depends on the drilling rig size and drilling conditions. List of the main solids control equipment for the drilling rigs are as below:

  1. One Each GNZYQ1000 Mud gas Separators
  2. Three Each of GNZS703E-HB Linear Motion shale shakers for 1500 GPM handling capacity
  3. One each of GNZCQ270A vacuum degasser
  4. One each of GNZJ703E-3S16N mud cleaner which including 3 ten inch desander, 16 four inch desilter for the capacity up to 1500 GPM.
  5. Two 75HP GNSB8x6 centrifugal pumps for feeding the mud cleaner, and two 75 HP mixing pumps for the mixing hoppers.
  6. One middle speed GNLW450 decanter centrifuges for barite recovery or high gravity solids separation.
  7. One high speed GNLW363BG decanter centrifuge for low gravity fine solids separation.

Besides the solids control equipment, the mud tank should also have the mixing and agitation device. On the low pressure mud rolling lines a sufficient number of bottom GNNJQ series mud guns complete with nipples, pipes, butterfly valves, hammer unions and a handle to rotate the mud gun from mud tank surface etc. are provided for almost all the mud tanks.

Besides the mud guns, for the agitation of the drilling mud in the tank. Each mud tank are equipped with GNJBQ series mud agitators so positioned to have proper churning of mud, each complete with flameproof electric motor and heavy duty gearbox. The mud agitators impeller size are designed according the the mud tank size to get the best agitation for the mud tanks.

GN designed mud tanks for oil gas drilling, and also the CBM and HDD drilling application, with the sales of mud tanks to over 40 countries, GN Solids Control have the capability to design the customized mud tanks suits for all your application for the drilling.

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